GOTUZZO ASOCIADOS S.A.C. is a contract research organization specialized in management of clinical trials which operates since January 2004. We have a wide database of investigational sites and highly qualified personnel, ensuring in each study the highest-level of efficiency, overpassing the number of expected randomized patients with low failure rates in several clinical areas.

Dr. Eduardo Gotuzzo is the General Manager of Gotuzzo Asociados. With over 330 publications in international journals and more than 40 book chapters, he is a respected investigator with international prestige. Past president of the International Society of Infectious Diseases, International Federation of Tropical Medicine and Pan-American Association of Infectology, Professor at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Medical Director of Upjohn-Pharmacia for more than 20 years, and as a Principal Investigator for several projects, he is an experienced investigator that leads our work to achieve the goals from every project.


  • Provide a specific development plan for clinical trials according to given protocols in order to optimize costs, time and effectiveness, maintaining excellence in management, supervision and results.
  • Comply and exceed expectations regarding regulatory and enrollment timelines.
  • Guarantee a close monitoring of adherence to the Protocol and GCP guidelines.
  • Comply with ethical standards and local and international regulations.

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